Too Much Email, Too Many Meetings

too much

Meetings and emails can certainly overwhelm us. Each one represents another request–or twelve!–to do something. How can this keep going? How can we possibly get everything done?

Our job is not to get it all done. We are neither supposed to answer every email nor attend every meeting. We cannot possibly satisfy every request. We will flame out trying.

We can try saying no. Or we can commit to applying our talents and caring to helping others achieve wonderful results. We can commit to the achieving such results for us, too. We can use our discernment to find the best route to those results. And we can give others the same leeway as they support us.

It’s not that we need to do it all or learn to say no. We instead simply negotiate–with calm respect–what gets done by when.


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Today’s photo credit: Em Bhoo via photopin cc

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