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  • Inspirational Fail

    Inspirational Fail

    Inspirational posters and Instagram posts typically fail us. That’s because wise words do not transmit wisdom, they only coax us toward wisdom if we’re ready.  Unless we’re buzzing high enough, we will hear or read wise things and miss the importance or, worse, totally misinterpret the meaning. This means we need to raise our buzz […]

  • Scary, Isn’t It?

    Scary, Isn’t It?

    The scary thing about being a leader is that, for any real change to happen, we have to be the first ones to change.   In your corner, Mike PS: Vulnerability. Dang.   Today’s photo credit: hehaden Gorgeous George via photopin (license)

  • Help Me to Help You

    Help Me to Help You

    To encourage someone to improve, let’s ask for their help. First, we make it clear why it’s important to us. Next, we acknowledge how difficult the current situation must be for them. (Example: “It’s gotta be stressful to deal with all the blowback when you miss a deadline.”) Then we help them explore why they–for…

  • Certain Change Leaders

    Certain Change Leaders

    Some leaders are comfortable with and even thrive in uncertainty and change. We see them being strategic, inspirational, and courageous. They help us find our next best markets, positioning, and offers. Their blind spot is getting to the end zone before everyone else and wondering why no one has followed them. Other leaders demand certainty and resist…

  • Don’t Try To Fix It

    Don’t Try To Fix It

    We have been trained to believe that we have to fix what’s wrong.  Nah. Don’t try to fix it. It’s waaaaay faster to grow what’s right.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Sergey Ivanov cc

  • Getting People to Listen

    Getting People to Listen

    “Here’s what you need to do…” People will resist our ideas and never change (or they might maliciously comply) when we start with us, our positions, and our reasons. People will listen to our ideas and (potentially) change their minds when we start with them. Starting with them includes respecting them, their ideas, and their absolute…

  • Say Why, Ask Why

    Say Why, Ask Why

    To get better at anything at work or home, say out loud why you want to. Upon hearing ourselves, we will be very much more able to achieve what we say we want. Keep it inside or go on about what’s wrong, and we’ll sustain whatever we don’t want. Try it. Then teach it to…

  • Real Change

    Real Change

    Real change–the change we need to make to (finally) get what we’ve been seeking–is really uncomfortable. It can seem so horribly uncomfortable that we will bend and push ourselves to try to make all the standard, easy answers work. But the easy answers can never work. We have to go right into and through the…

  • We Change Everything

    We Change Everything

    When we raise our buzz, we can change an encounter, a team meeting, an entire company, or even a life for the better just by our presence. Buzz running high, we become certain of their ability to do good and great work regardless of prior success or failure. We let ourselves follow our curiosity about…

  • You Change First

    You Change First

    Changing an organization is hard. But change in our organizations is near impossible if we, as leaders, don’t change ourselves first. Changing ourselves is simple (but not easy), though. We start by asking, “Who do I need to be so that the organization can change as desired?”   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo…