Inspirational Fail

Inspirational posters and Instagram posts typically fail us. That’s because wise words do not transmit wisdom, they only coax us toward wisdom […]

Scary, Isn’t It?

The scary thing about being a leader is that, for any real change to happen, we have to be the first ones […]

Help Me to Help You

To encourage someone to improve, let’s ask for their help. First, we make it clear why it’s important to us. Next, we […]

Certain Change Leaders

Some leaders are comfortable with and even thrive in uncertainty and change. We see them being strategic, inspirational, and courageous. They help us […]

Real Change

Real change–the change we need to make to (finally) get what we’ve been seeking–is really uncomfortable. It can seem so horribly uncomfortable […]


You Change First

Changing an organization is hard. But change in our organizations is near impossible if we, as leaders, don’t change ourselves first. Changing […]