Certain Change Leaders

Some leaders are comfortable with and even thrive in uncertainty and change. We see them being strategic, inspirational, and courageous. They help us find our next best markets, positioning, and offers. Their blind spot is getting to the end zone before everyone else and wondering why no one has followed them.

Other leaders demand certainty and resist change. This appears as fighting for the status quo, having finance dictate strategy, and focusing on operational efficiency. They help us preserve the familiar. Their blind spot is thinking that holding back change is healthy or even possible.

So which type of leader do we need more in our world today? Actually, we need both. Most importantly, we need leaders who can be a strong bridge between the vision-and-progress types and the steady-and-safe types. These certain+change leaders support the vision, understand that change is certain, and help those who crave certainty take a well-lit path to the new normal.


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Today’s photo credit: Paulo Etxeberria Argi eta garbi via photopin (license)

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