image of an old gear and pinion

Stuck in Fear Gear

It’s easy to see people–in your clan, company, community, and country–stuck in fear gear. Your first job here, good leader, is to […]

Rule of Thumb

Here’s a helpful rule of thumb: head towards fear, discomfort, or tension. Not to abuse yourself (“gotta take my lumps, must work […]

Lack of Progress?

Lack of progress anywhere at work and in life feels bad not because there’s something broken but because we fear we can’t […]

At Moments Like These

Complaining about, fearing, or fighting something that we don’t like is the painful, slow way. Such focus only strengthens it. Focusing on what we […]


Quivering Demon

The sages tell us there are only two emotions: love and fear. What is not one is the other. This is useful […]