What’s Truly True?

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Albert Einstein, on being congratulated that an experiment had confirmed a prediction in his theories of relativity, said, “No amount of experimentation will ever prove me completely right, but one new fact can prove me completely wrong.” Certainty should be reserved for things which are eternally, unquestionably true. Not much meets this criterion. Let’s adopt […]

Getting People Ready to Listen

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Having difficulty getting others to see your point of view? Start by demonstrating that you understand theirs. Having difficulty demonstrating that you understand their point of view? Start by asking them about it. When people know you have understood them, they quite naturally open to understanding you.   In your corner, Mike Today’s photo credit: […]

Tell, Tell, Tell, Yell!

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Tell, tell, tell, yell. (To which we all respond with hide, fight, complain, and deflect.) Easy but not so effective, is it? What does work? Build relationship and trust constantly. Agree to argue the points not the personalities. Agree on the why and outcomes before the how, when, and who details. Make sure everyone is […]

Present Present

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Presence is simply staying focused on what’s happening now instead of worrying about the future, regretting the past, defending ourselves (“Here’s why I am justified…”), or attacking others (“I am so right and you/they are not”). There is a gift inside every moment. We miss the gift when we are too busy worrying, regretting, defending, […]

Fundamental Attribution Hearing

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Reasons people don’t listen: Our approach feels bad to them. They don’t see how what we have to say connects to what they care about right now. They are ignorant, stupid, or rude. It’s almost never reason #3.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: reMuse cc

When to Double Up on Communication

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When we as leaders fail to overcommunicate our intent, goals, progress, values, issues, and dreams, we leave a giant void that others are left to fill on their own. They will each make up a different (usually quite wrong) version of the truth and then will act as if their story is true. The ensuing […]