Productivity Secret: Never Get It All Done


What does your to do list feel like?

We often feel ourselves pushed (from within and from outside ourselves) to make things happen. And this comes from an underlying belief that we can be done. We look at all that we could, might, should do and think, “Ugh. When I get all this done, then I can relax.” So we tense up and push.

But if we could get it all done, we will always choose (yes, choose) more things to do. So we can never be done.

Do not despair, though. As soon as we understand that we can never be done, that there will always be waves upon waves of new possibilities, opportunities, and tasks, we can let go of the tension and push. We see that it’s silly to maintain them. We can stop diverting our energy into that silliness. And we can ride atop those waves.

Sound paradoxical? Maybe it is. We will still get stuff done, of course. But with so much more ease.


In your corner,


PS: This also means we can relax now, not after “everything’s done.” See?


Today’s photo credit: Storm Surf via photopin cc

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