We are the Antidote

three beige yellow and pink heart marshmallows

There are all sorts of reasons to be pessimistic about our world. And the problems are real: economic turmoil, competition, rising costs of living, climate, injustice, disease, war, politics, etc. But there are, I submit, many more things to be optimistic about. (For a sampling of good news stories check out sites like Reasons to Be Cheerful, The Progress Network, and this video by Wendover Productions about the 22 things we fixed in 2022.) Therefore, let’s harness that good to solve today’s problems. But how?

We can take inspiration from all that good news. But the real antidote to any trouble is mindset. Behind each good-news story are leaders who adopted a productive mindset. These leaders are realistic and optimistic. They acknowledge problems, commit to solving them, and maintain a positive, feel-good-then-act attitude. They know that pushing and battling only bring more resistance. They use their strengths and help others use theirs. They get that we are all in this together. They believe in others more than those others believe in themselves. They build resilience and buffers.

The more we bias ourselves toward positive, productive mindsets, the more we become the solution finders in our lives, businesses, and world. It’s in every one of us. Yes, we are the antidote.

In your corner,