Destructive leadership rations energy. Productive leadership pumps energy into everyone freely. To share so much, we first have to find and tap […]

To Do What’s Easier

Which is easier? Trying to keep track in your head of the ever-increasing pile of stuff to do or learning to write […]

One Wee Step

Sometimes all we need is a teeny win. Committing to taking a step in the right direction–even a step that is not in […]

re: Never Mind the Pile

A large pile of tasks can make us feel anxious, annoyed, or apoplectic. We think that these feelings are a reaction to the pile–a […]

Getting Unpleasant Stuff Done

What’s the best way to get something unpleasant done? We can use various techniques to push ourselves to do it. Or we […]

Task Systems Too Full

Have you ever started using a new productivity system (app, list, notebook, cards, etc.) then abandoned it? This usually happens because we […]

An Unusual Productivity Boost

Here is a rather unusual productivity boost that takes just 2 minutes per day: set simple, quiet bedtime and waking up buzz-raising […]