Old Ways


In many of our organizations, we still use the old ways of command & control, hierarchical divisions, and lionizing the executive. Yes, we find the old ways in older and larger organizations. Strangely, we also see them in young and smaller ones. We hold onto the old ways mostly because they are familiar not because they work, necessarily.

Things are changing, though. For decades, organizations have been reaping the rewards of being more agile, choosing win-win-or-don’t-play, and having everyone engage the organizations’ missions with their heads and hearts. Even the formerly grand proponents of the old ways, the military, have seen the light:

As the armed forces have discovered, it’s the enlisted man in the village that wins battles (and hearts and minds) now, not the general with his maps and charts. – Seth Godin’s blog 10 June 2013

Your organization may be trapped–a little or a lot–in the old ways. You–regardless of your experience or role–can help shift things. You can be the person who engages, goes for win-win, and breaks down barriers to agility, now. You don’t need anyone’s permission. Just be yourself.

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