Getting people to do stuff. Sheesh. That’s tough.

We try asking, telling, pleading, demanding, yelling, guilting, pushing, and praying. While these methods can work in the short term, people become immune to them over time. They will feel lectured or manipulated and find ways to avoid doing what we want. As their immunity grows, we usually ask, tell, plead, demand, etc. with more and more vigor. We won’t be successful this way.

Instead, give them the context. Tell them, show them why what we want them to do is important. Answer questions like these:

  • Why, in their words, do our clients need us?
  • Why would those clients choose us over other options?
  • Who is our ideal client?
  • How do we best serve our ideal client?
  • How does what I do contribute?
  • Why is that important?
  • How am I doing?

When you tell them the full story, they feel the compelling emotion and reason of it all. And more often than not, they will jump in and help.


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PS: Yes, it works at home, too. When I tell my sons to do something, there is often a battle. When I explain the context, they jump in.

Today’s photo credit: b4b2 via photopin cc

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