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  • Leadership, Sales, and Influence in a Nutshell

    Leadership, Sales, and Influence in a Nutshell

    Success at leadership (with or without a title), sales, and influence is rather simple. First, we choose who (generically and/or specifically) we want to engage (employee, client, or colleague) and why (to achieve a result, do good work, and/or earn a profit or reward in some area of focus or concern). Next we ask them […]

  • The Hard Way and the Simple Way

    The Hard Way and the Simple Way

    Pushing ourselves and others is the long, hard way. The fast, simple way is have a compelling goal, a high-buzz-quietly-assured outlook, a commitment to win-win, and a calm flow of inspired activity. The reason we keep losing track of this is that the former merely seems faster and simpler.   In your corner, Mike PS: Because pushing…

  • Success Flies In

    Success Flies In

    Success comes flying in when you know what you want, you engage others in win-win relationships, you always work on the most compelling thing, and you believe you will succeed. Let’s keep it simple this week   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Jill Watson cc

  • Another Simple Definition of Leadership

    Another Simple Definition of Leadership

    Last week we saw a simple definition of leadership. Here’s another one: as leaders, we are quiet and patient cheerleaders for our teams. So simple, so compelling, and so wonderfully profitable.   In your corner, Mike PS: Ever so much more profitable than having to be the one with the answers, the one making the…

  • Leadership is Simple

    Leadership is Simple

    Our job as leaders is to build an environment where others get valuable stuff done together. Our job is made easier when we coach people to become masterful at doing this valuable stuff together. Simple, yes?   In your corner, Mike PS: Funny, there’s no mention of having to be the one with the answers, the…

  • This Week Made Simple

    This Week Made Simple

    As we begin our week, let’s remember that we need not get everything done. We don’t even need to get most things done. All that’s required is that we raise our buzz and then act as inspired. In this way, we will get the right things done with ease. Simple.   In your corner, Mike…

  • Grumpy About Success

    Grumpy About Success

    It is easy to get grumpy about success. After all, if success is supposed to be simple, why is it so elusive? Why isn’t it easy? Two reasons. First, because we tend to hold tightly to the habit of thinking that success is hard work and that the world and/or we are somehow broken and…

  • Why Real Success is Simple

    Why Real Success is Simple

    We usually think success is a result. Whether it’s a goal, end, possession, status, or achievement, we call something a success only after we have it. And we work long and struggle hard to have it. Real success precedes the result. It is that quietly confident state, approach, attitude, or way that leads to relatively…

  • Change is Simple

    Change is Simple

    Because they are complex (and filled with people who tend to be quite complex themselves), organizations of any size are notoriously difficult to change. The assumptions, unknowns, and hidden dynamics normally overwhelm even the best change plans. To change an organization, let’s forget about big project plans. Instead : Let’s study the current situation and…

  • Make It Happen

    Make It Happen

    We, as leaders (with or without title), want results. Yet we suffer when we try to make things happen. If we try to drive things, control things, or otherwise push to make things happen, we typically succeed only in generating resistance from the people involved. We see small wins that end up unsustainable, opportunities lost,…