flying in

Success Flies In

Success comes flying in when you know what you want, you engage others in win-win relationships, you always work on the most […]


Leadership is Simple

Our job as leaders is to build an environment where others get valuable stuff done together. Our job is made easier when we […]


This Week Made Simple

As we begin our week, let’s remember that we need not get everything done. We don’t even need to get most things […]

so simple

Grumpy About Success

It is easy to get grumpy about success. After all, if success is supposed to be simple, why is it so elusive? […]


Why Real Success is Simple

We usually think success is a result. Whether it’s a goal, end, possession, status, or achievement, we call something a success only […]


Change is Simple

Because they are complex (and filled with people who tend to be quite complex themselves), organizations of any size are notoriously difficult […]


Make It Happen

We, as leaders (with or without title), want results. Yet we suffer when we try to make things happen. If we try […]