The Formula for Happiness is Not What You Think It Is


We think, perhaps, that the formula for happiness at work and home is doing stuff. We lead, hire, fire, sell, study, plan, analyze, account, go to dinner, ski, sing, play video games, have an argument, make up, et cetera and so forth, because we believe we will be happier by doing so.

Or we think the formula is having stuff. We seek rewards, recognition, possessions, and experiences for the same reason: to be happy.

But no amount of activity or seeking will ever bring us happiness. Happiness comes from being happy. (No. I am not trying to be cheeky.)

Luckily, there’s a formula for being happy: From wherever you are, find a way to feel a little bit better. Repeat until happy.


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PS: It only sounds trite and trivial until you try it.


Today’s photo credit: João Trindade cc


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