Grumpy About Success

so simple

It is easy to get grumpy about success. After all, if success is supposed to be simple, why is it so elusive? Why isn’t it easy?

Two reasons.

First, because we tend to hold tightly to the habit of thinking that success is hard work and that the world and/or we are somehow broken and need fixing. We create our own resistance.

Second, because life in all its glory wants us to reach our edge, look about, and choose to create the next something better. Relax; we will never be done. If life were already perfect and easy, what would we do with ourselves?

Choose what you want, engage others in win-win, choose thoughts that feel good and bring your closer to your goals, and do whatever is most compelling thing to do right now.

It is very simple.


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Today’s photo credit: thebarrowboy via photopin cc

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