Discover For Yourself


Don’t push yourself to do all the things on your growing to-do list. Don’t be driven by other people’s opinions. Trust yourself and others. Go for true win-win. Find and operate from your personal and organizational SweetSpot. Ignore what everyone says are the tried-and-true steps to success. Just find a way to feel good then act as inspired and all will be well.

Hmm. How do statements like this sound to you?

Like a charlatan’s prescription for the credulous, advice like this can seem like snake oil. “It’s a trick,” you may think. “It can’t be true, it can’t work, and it will probably harm me.”

Of course, nothing I say here can convince you otherwise. I could be trying to trick you right now.

But you can discover for yourself. You can find a safe way to experiment with the tools, models, and approaches I describe. Set aside whatever doesn’t work for you. And adopt as you see fit whatever does work for you.


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