Bring Your Emotions to Work


Some people get uncomfortable with other peoples’ displays of emotion. Outbursts, tears, excitement, enthusiasm, sadness, and other such nonsense are out of bounds at work, they say. To display emotion is to be unprofessional, they say. You have to be hard, they say.

Not so.

Those who would want us to quash emotion in favor of logic are barking up the wrong tree. Yes, some displays of emotion cause problems. We just need to choose the good emotions over bad emotions.

Good emotions–like love, appreciation, and happiness–pay off. We all profit when we run high-buzz, good-feeling, constructive emotions. Bad emotions–like jealousy, rage, and fear–destroy. When we notice bad-feeling, destructive emotions, we can raise their buzz (and here).

Let’s bring the juicy goodness of emotions to our work.


In your corner,



PS: Oh, and let’s coach people who display low-buzz emotions to jump to a higher buzz.


Today’s photo credit: Fadzly @ Shutterhack via photopin cc


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