Suppose We Don’t

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Suppose we cut corners? Suppose we feather our nests? Suppose we get while the getting is good? Suppose we compete on price? Suppose we sue? Suppose we press our advantage? Suppose we underpay? Suppose we over promise? Suppose we cut our training and development? Suppose we bait and switch? Suppose we baffle? Suppose we trick […]

Rock Stars

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When we are worried about what to say, how someone might react, or how we’ll be judged, we are pointing the camera at ourselves. We get so concerned about our performance that we wreck our ability to perform. This is true most everywhere including marketing, sales, influence, negotiations, and leading. The antidote is to turn the […]

the camera

Turn the Camera

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Most organizations spend untold time and money explaining what they (and their products and services) do and why they are so good. Look at their websites to see that they have the camera firmly turned at themselves. Most prospective clients, on the other hand, focus on the the results they want and the obstacles they […]


Superlatives Can’t Replace Honest & Effective

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Unique! Unparalleled! Exceptional! New! Improved! Unprecedented! Award-winning! Powerful! When marketing (internally to the team or externally to clients and partners), we must not fall into the trap of superlatives. No one listens when we use flowery words to explain how good our product, project, or service are. Superlatives are no replacement for honest, effective messaging. […]


For Big Change, Ignore the Naysayers

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If we want to influence a big change, we need not spend much time trying to convince the naysayers, the haters, the opponents. They will change or not. And they are only a minority. Instead, we concentrate on the lovers, the crew, the vanguard. They are also a minority. But once they are inspired, we can help this minority create […]