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  • Stop Trying to Measure Up

    Stop Trying to Measure Up

    Most of us struggle to measure up. It can be subtle but not hard to see when we look. We want to get the grade, win the prize, be special. Or at least be in the running, not in last place. Even those of us who eschew the rat race strain to distinguish ourselves by […]

  • This is Success

    This is Success

    What does it mean to be successful? Most of us don’t really know. We kindasorta think it is about ticking certain boxes. We don’t know who set them out to be ticked or exactly which boxes we should tick. But we suspect they have something to do with having money, position, smarts, strength, safety, beauty,…

  • 50 Coffees

    50 Coffees

    [Note: I have recommended this process for years. It has helped lots of people. If you don’t need it now, save this article for when you do. -ME] The best way to find a new job, learn something, launch a new business or project, or find employees or clients for an existing business is by…

  • Is Work a Drain?

    Is Work a Drain?

    If work is a drain, then we are not working in our SweetSpot. That is, we are not using our talents, not engaging our motivators, not getting our needs met, and/or not serving others. When we work in our SweetSpot, we have all the energy we need.   In your corner, Mike

  • Your Most Important Work

    Your Most Important Work

    The signs pointing the way to happiness (and success) at work and in life are right here, in plain sight. So why do we all seem to struggle? Though we all have seen these signs time and again (e.g. “do what you love,” “go for win-win,” or “set a compelling purpose”), we can only understand…

  • Career Success in One Simple Sentence

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  • Our Power and Purpose

    Our Power and Purpose

    ​[W]e are torn this way and that. Social and business pressures push us, and we go along, but the spark within is hard to extinguish, and even as we hurry to conform we may pause to wonder if this is all there is to life, and we glance uneasily over our shoulders (once a week…

  • How To Interview Well

    How To Interview Well

    If we see job interviews as tests, we will be too nervous, give off a low-confidence vibe, and choke. A better way is to see them as an exploration. As we might do if we already had the job, we turn our camera away from ourselves and focus on them. We ask questions and navigate…

  • Perfect Pricing (and Salaries)

    Perfect Pricing (and Salaries)

    We can set prices (for our salaries or for the products and services we sell) perfectly by following these two rules: Our clients (or employers) feel like they are getting a great deal. We feel like we are getting very well paid.   Wait. What?! How can we have both of these? Like this. First,…

  • Our Best Start

    Our Best Start

    In an interview, in a sale, when working with colleagues, or when leading others, we best start by understanding what our counterparts need, want, and desire. Then we can explore with them how our talents, products, services, ideas, and requests serve those needs etc. Our first steps are to ask open-ended questions about what they want and why. Then…