This is Success

What does it mean to be successful?

Most of us don’t really know. We kindasorta think it is about ticking certain boxes. We don’t know who set them out to be ticked or exactly which boxes we should tick. But we suspect they have something to do with having money, position, smarts, strength, safety, beauty, and children who end up having the same boxes ticked.

See the problems? We don’t know which boxes to tick or what counts as ticking them. (“Do I need to be a millionaire? A billionaire?”) And these tick boxes aren’t ours. So we’re steering our lives via fuzzy milestones we might not really care about. This leaves us unsure, unfulfilled, and unhappy.

Let’s agree on a new definition of success. Success is having what you really, really (really!) want.

No more do we need to wander, worry, or chase. With this definition of success, we get to choose what we really want. Then we can steer towards it with clarity, calm, and joy.


In your corner,


PS: Of course this means we need to know what we really want. We need to see which tick boxes are ours and which come from what we think others might want us to do. Next we choose which we adopt and which we leave behind. Then we go. If you’re ready, you might want to accept this gift.

PPS: Once we get what we want, we want more. Nothing wrong with this. All of life gets to every point of success, looks over the edge, and says, “Ooh! That looks like fun. Let’s play some more.”

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay