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  • Without Much Effort

    Without Much Effort

    Without much effort, we can tune to an endless stream of opinion that things are bad–getting worse–and we’re all on the brink of disaster. Soon we’re swept away, feeling bad, and acting accordingly. Without much effort, we can look around and see none of that is true. In fact, there’s lots to appreciate and feel […]

  • In Our Own Minds

    In Our Own Minds

    Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds. Napoleon Hill Hmm. All in our minds, eh? We can certainly find plenty of evidence that says our problems are out there, not in here. We might be right but is it helpful? Try this. Ask, “What’s the worst that could happen if…

  • Tell Us Why

    Tell Us Why

    To fix a long-standing problem in a company, step away from it. Start over-communicating why fixing this problem is so important.  When they understand the why–and when the why is compelling and believable–people are then able to jump in with the solutions we need.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: diverdewan15 Calling…

  • Why We Should Resist Solving Their Problems

    Why We Should Resist Solving Their Problems

    When people are buzzing low, they will almost always present us with problems and complaints. If we’re not careful, we’ll get drawn into the trap of trying to solve or resolve these for them.  Why is this a trap? Because their low buzz can easily push down our buzz. They feel bad. We react. Then…

  • We Can Always

    We Can Always

    When faced with big or continuous obstacles, we can say, “I can’t,” “This is impossible,” “That’s not the right process,” “There’s something wrong with me/you/them/it,” “Maybe someone else will figure it out.” “It’s not my fault.” “You can’t make me.” “You gotta take the bull by the horns,” “The early bird gets the worm,” “I’m…

  • Happiness Is…

    Happiness Is…

    Despite what we may sometimes wish, happiness does not come from wiping out our problems. We can’t wipe them out. Like ocean waves, life is full of problems and solutions that never stop coming. We become unhappy when we see ourselves battered by these waves and needing to struggle for solutions. But we can change…

  • What Do We Do When Something Goes Wrong? 

    What Do We Do When Something Goes Wrong? 

    If we want to forever be in charge of fixing the problems, then we should give lectures, orders, and consequences. If we want others to take it on, then we should should call out the deviations from goals and coach people to solve the situations themselves.   In your corner, Mike PS: This is easy…

  • Conundrum


    At the bottom of every problem there is at least one emotion. We are uncomfortable (even fearful) approaching and acknowledging such emotions in ourselves and in others. Yet the problem will persist until we do. This conundrum costs us dearly in energy wasted trying not to feel the emotions, in unresolved problems lingering, and in…

  • Big


    The antidote to most any problem is trusting that we are bigger than the problem and that we can handle anything. And we so can.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Venu Gopal cc

  • Bigger


    To succeed more, trust that you are bigger than each challenge you face.   In your corner, Mike PS: And, guess what? You are.   Today’s photo credit: Tim Malabuyo cc