My search for the roots of success.

I’ve always wondered what creates success. What’s the special sauce in leadership, life, and business? Is it something you’re born with, something you learn, or something you earn?

As a young boy, I asked how some people got lucky and others didn’t.

In university, I was thrilled to read in books like In Search of Excellence that good leadership and business outcomes are possible even as major industrial companies withered through the 70s and 80s.

I’ve worked at good companies and bad ones. I studied hundreds of other companies and how they behave in good times and bad. I have pored over all (well, almost all) the theories of success to see what others think works. And I’ve coached hundreds of leaders and their teams across many sectors and industries.

I saw what worked and what didn’t. Though I am far from knowing everything about success in leadership, life, and business, I know what to look for.

Clients appreciate how quickly I connect with and understand them and their businesses. They trust the simple approach, guiding frameworks, and leadership tools we use.

I help retool your growing business when growth becomes part of the problem. My mission is to keep growing, learning, succeeding, and help as many others as possible do the same.

How about you?

What’s your mission? What issue do you contend with most these days? I bet we could make a good dent in that, if you like. You can…