Reach your next level of leadership + life success.

About You

You are successful leader who has done so much already. You have a good track record. Along the way, you built up a suite of talents. People say you are good at things like…

  • problem solving
  • knowing what customers want
  • setting a powerful vision
  • understanding others
  • getting the details right
  • collaboration
  • seeing where the market is going
  • self-starting
  • inspiring, coaching, and developing others
  • strategy
  • confidence
  • decision making
  • thinking things through
  • building teams
  • focus and dedication
  • influence, sales, & negotiation

These talents have got you here. People marvel at what you have accomplished and how well you do it. We can look back in time and see how it all happened.

What's Next?

We can also look forward. Your talents will keep you successful. You’re on a trajectory; you can expect to see more of the same. Over the months, years, and decades to come, we can see your default future unfold. We can predict with some certainty how your leadership and/or life will play out based on how you got to this point.

But the default isn’t what you want, is it?

If you’re like most successful leaders, your dream is to go past your default future. You want more from your leadership + life.

“I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no ‘brief candle’ to me. It is sort of a splendid torch which I have a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it over to future generations.” – George Bernard Shaw

So, what’s your dream?

Maybe your dream is fully formed or is only a feeling for now. Maybe it’s heart-thumping exciting or it’s a warm glow. It could take the form of a better version of what you’re already doing. Or it could be something brand new. Regardless, this is big. What you have in mind–if we play it all the way out–is extraordinary, exponential, and very rewarding.

Here are some possibilities for what’s next in your leadership and/or life:

  • take on a bigger leadership role
  • start a new business
  • build a delicious life including work, family, adventure, peace, and fun
  • take an existing business to where you’ve always known it could go
  • change the world (or at least a piece of it)
  • get more done with ease; less push, force, strain
  • scale a startup
  • champion a powerful idea, invention, or discovery
  • start a movement
  • start a new phase of life (sparked by marriage, parenting, divorce, empty nest, “retirement”, sale of business, illness, death of a loved one, new offers & opportunities, etc.)
  • get people more aligned, productive, and self-starting
  • spark new ideas, inventions, or discoveries
  • refine your mission or finding your next best project
  • change careers

Mind the Success Trap

Consider this: Why aren’t you there yet?

Of course, you’ve been working on this dream. But it’s elusive. What’s in the way? Oddly, we get trapped by our success. The trap has two parts. The first is that set of talents that made you successful. The second is FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt).

“What got you here won’t get you there.”Marshall Goldsmith

Talents got you here and hold you back. We all hit a spot where our talents only create incremental improvements. Because of the success we’ve had, we confidently believe we should keep using these talents. And we should.  But like the proverbial carpenter who has a hammer and only sees nails, we overuse our talents. We miss the cues that tell us it’s time to develop other talents to go further.

FUD happens because you’re an adult human. The unknown, the frailty of life, the possibility of failing, the desire to please or get along, and the possibility of criticism are the sorts of FUD every one of us has. Earlier in our lives, we used these FUDs to create approaches that keep us safe and make us successful. Part of what we call being a successful adult is having these approaches in place and running smoothly. We value them and see them as part of who we are. They do us great service. That is, until they stop serving us and start holding us back.

For example, we may fear failing so we might adopt an approach to life that says, “I’ll work harder.” Hard work helps us win. But hard work hits limits: we can only squeeze so much into a day, we get exhausted, and our hard work can alienate instead of engage & inspire the people around us. Another example: we may fear others’ displeasure so we adopt an approach that says, “I’ll be likeable.” Being likeable is the basis for winning with people but stops us from telling hard truths, setting direction, and keeping others accountable for what they’ve agreed to deliver.

Go Deeper

How to deal with talent and FUD obstacles

If you are okay with making incremental improvements–with having that default future–you don’t need to do anything with your FUD or your talents. You’ve been successful. By default, you will continue to have the same success.

But if you want exponential over incremental, if you really, really want to go beyond the default and have the leadership + life you dream of, you need to go deeper. You need to build new talents and step through the FUD. Going deeper, you’ll find within you the resources–vision, energy, insight, inspiration, and talent–you need.

That is good news. Everything you need is already inside you. Even better, when you go deeper, everything gets easier, brighter, and more fun. Not too far in the future, you will look back in awe at how far you’ve come. You’ll be amazed how effortless it all was. And you’ll be enjoying the leadership + life of your dreams.

The Leader's Playground

My job is to help you go deep, tap those resources, and shift to your next level of leadership + life success. I have helped hundreds of successful leaders achieve their next levels. With your permission, I

  • understand quickly your work- and life projects,
  • listen and ask good questions,
  • help you see and step through your FUD and beyond your current talents,
  • refuse to go along with any stories that limit you,
  • bring unconditional belief in you (and your team),
  • slow things down to get more done,
  • prod, call BS, and hold you accountable to what you’ve agreed, and
  • give you tools, models, and approaches based on decades of experience, learning, successes, and failures.

This all happens through conversation in a powerful, practical coaching program called The Leader’s Playground.

We start with me supporting you. If and when it makes sense, I help you support your team to make the same type of shifts.

Are You Ready?

Working with me makes sense if

  1. You are a successful leader,
  2. You are ready for support to reach the next level in your leadership + life,
  3. You are open to using the spirit of play, going deep, and stepping through FUD,
  4. You know or are open to the power of thought, belief, feeling, and agreement, and
  5. You are already getting excited about your possibilities.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk.

Now What?

You are here by referral. I support only a limited number of leaders and teams each year. Someone we both know sent you here so that you can explore and we can talk.

Coaching is far better experienced than explained. So let’s set up a session. I will carve out at least two hours for you. You’ll get a life-changing coaching experience and an action plan. And we’ll see what makes sense for you next. If we agree that we should work together further, I’ll propose it then.

Call me at +1.416.451.2323 or send me a note here. I look forward to it.