Keep your growing company growing.


Your company has grown!

And the future is bright with more success, impact, and reward on the way. Here’s how I can help you.

Steer through the headwinds.

But as you’ve grown, the headwinds pushing back on your company have gotten stronger. You have more clients and new opportunities but it’s hard to deliver on current work. Everything is more complex. It takes longer to get stuff done, competition is more intense, politics gets in the way, quality may be suffering, and everyone is getting frustrated & burnt out (you, too, probably).

Oddly, growth creates these headwinds. As things get more complex, the skills and approaches you and your team used to steer your company stop working.

And we can fix that.


It’s simple.

That’s why I created balance.

Working with you and your senior team, we use a simple process and a guiding framework to get you past the headwinds and onto rewarding growth. You start where you are with what you’ve got—even while you are busy with current projects and clients—and steer your company to the next level of growth.

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