Build something great.

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I work with successful leaders like you who want to

  • build something great–something enduring, rewarding, and valuable,
  • pivot strongly during and after COVID-19,
  • set a clear next direction for the company and/or themselves,
  • build a strong, cohesive, and reliable senior team,
  • grow their company’s capacity to deliver with less chaos, more ease, and better results,
  • hire the right people and put them in the right roles, and/or
  • become the leader their growing company needs them to be.

If you are ready for support to reach your next level, I have a gift for you. See the details here.

Otherwise, check out who this program really works well for.

Leaders Like You

As a leader, do any of these situations seem familiar?

  • You know you need time to think, strategize, and plan. But you’re putting in too many hours already and your calendar is booked solid.
  • You can see the results you want and a path to take but everyone else is too tied up in the day-to-day work to get there.
  • You want your organization to run smoothly with a healthy, attractive, and productive culture. But politics have seeped in. There’s too much chatter, caution, and even bad behaviour,
  • You have a good team. But they seem stuck. Meetings are getting painful. They can’t seem to agree on direction or follow through on agreed actions.
  • You’ve invested in promising talent but have been disappointed more than once. It’s getting harder to find good people.
  • You want to free up more time to do something else. It could be a new business, a new strategy, more time with family and for yourself, or even some form of retirement. But with everything going on in the organization, you feel tied down.

If so, The Leader’s Playground will work for you. It’s especially effective if you are

  • a CEO, founder, or president of a growing company or
  • an innovator in any size or type of organization.

Ultimately, working with me makes sense if you value growth for yourself and your organization.

If you are ready, let’s start with The Leader’s Gift.

Or, if you want to know more about how leadership coaching works, read on.

How it Works

I have helped hundreds of successful leaders like you achieve their next levels.

We start with a powerful coaching program called The Leader’s Playground. We blend a sharp focus on results with a lightness of attitude to speed you along.

We clarify your desired results, set milestones, and explore professional leadership assessments. Then we meet regularly. These conversations are where you gain the perspectives, tools, and inspiration to reach your next level. Between conversations, you experiment and grow, putting things into practice and seeing what works.

Next, we focus on your senior team. With the Build Something Great program, we grow your senior team’s ability to build a great organization. We set a productive management rhythm (including making meetings more vital and productive) and tackle strategy and planning, hiring and building a great team, leadership and culture, and solid execution.  .

Mind you, leadership coaching is better experienced than described. If you are ready, let’s give you that experience with the Leader’s Gift.

If you still are not sure, you may be in the Leader’s Trap.

The Leader's Trap

Oddly, we get trapped by our success. The Leader’s Trap has two parts: the talents and the beliefs about the world and yourself that helped you succeed.

“What got you here won’t get you there.” Marshall Goldsmith

Because we have been successful using those talents and beliefs, it makes sense that we should keep using them. But then we miss the cues telling us that things have changed and that new situations demand new talents and beliefs.

How to Tell

Because the trap is hard to see, let’s look for some telltale signs. In the past month, if you have had more than one night’s sleep affected by work concerns, done work that others should have because, “It’s faster if I do it,” or had more than one person not follow through on an important task, you may be in the Leader’s Trap.

If so, let’s tackle this with the Leader’s Gift. With a small investment of your time, you will come away with valuable insight and a plan. Contact me to get your questions answered and if it makes sense book your gift session.

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