growth without the stress, drama, or burnout


Your company is growing!

And it has the real potential of providing you with the fun, freedom, future, and finances you started or joined the business for in the first place.


It’s complicated.

But you’re not having fun because with growth comes complications causing you to put out fires instead of making the impact on the world you seek.

We can fix that.


It’s simple.

It’s why I created balance.

I show you how to re-simplify your business with the Success is Simple™ program. We retool your organization for today’s markets and tomorrow’s growth.

Recent In Your Corner Posts

In Your Corner are short, light, and useful insights to help keep your growing company growing the way you want it to grow. Subscribe here. These are some of the recent ones:

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    We are the Antidote

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  • When in Doubt, Zoom Out

    When in Doubt, Zoom Out

    Every problem is solvable. And we can be the solution-finding leaders our companies (and world) need. But we don’t believe this. So, zoom out, dear leader.


  • Gruesome


    They say that execution eats strategy for breakfast. But emotional intelligence devours execution while it sleeps. Ew. But hmm.


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    Choose Wisely, Leader

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    Stop Trying to Measure Up

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  • Pause. Breathe. Look. Leap.

    Pause. Breathe. Look. Leap.

    In our drive to get things done, we often leap into action. But best practices would say, “Pause. Breathe. Look.…