This Is The Leaders’ Job


As leaders, our job is not really about finance, operations, sales, strategy, law, board- and investor relations, HR, labor relations, regulations, or marketing–though these things are important and we may be good at them. Our job is not really about making decisions or giving orders. And it’s definitely not about being strong, smart, or right.

Our job, ultimately, is about designing, building, and maintaining the best environment for all that work to get done. This includes

  • committing to win-win relationships with all who matter (including building a win-win-loving team),
  • stewarding that compelling story about who we are, how we help, and our desired goals,
  • building the systems and norms to allow for a natural, low-resistance flow of work, and
  • encouraging our inner-games (i.e. our thinking and beliefs) to support our win-win, our flow, and our story.


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