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6 Reasons You Don’t Have Enough Ideal Clients (and How to Fix That)

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Ideal clients are the ones we love to do business with. They are easy to work with, appreciate and value us, challenge us and want us to challenge them. Doing business with them is profitable and they think they are getting a good deal from us. We wish we could clone them and they wish all their partners could be more like us. So why can’t all our clients be ideal one? Read on to learn six things that get in the way and what to do instead.

We May Be Undercharging

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Profit pressure may come from burgeoning costs or poor planning. But often it comes from not charging enough. Many of us feel we need to compete on price because that’s what the market demands. Really, though, it’s because we still have to do the work of focusing on our ideal clients, listening to how they explain […]

How to Be Well Rewarded

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Most people don’t know what they want. And if they do, they probably don’t know how to get it. That’s how we can help them. We, the noble leaders, sellers, and influencers are committed to win-win. We know the process. And we are good at running the process: connecting, listening, & exploring, suggesting & negotiating […]

A Mini Rant About Sales

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I recently read someone’s description of a salesperson. Salespeople, they said, “have the ability to position a product or service in a way that makes customers want to buy it.” No, no, nope, no. This is not the kind of sales or salespeople any of us wants or needs. Good salespeople (including people who sell […]

Leadership, Sales, Collaboration and Picking a Place for Dinner

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Leading, selling, collaborating, and choosing a place to go to dinner with your partner tonight are essentially the same. They all require understanding what the other person ultimately wants, having them understand what we want, and creatively finding a way to satisfy both sides. When we take this particularly helpful perspective, we can easily master […]


Stress Is…

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Stress is the difference between the way things are and the way we think they should be. This means that we can reduce stress by either changing the outside world or changing our perceptions. Both are valid approaches. We may think that changing our perceptions is hard to do. But it is waaaaaaaay easier to flip our […]


The Secret Ingredient

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Before we direct, correct, encourage, sell to, influence, plead with, or praise people, let’s take a moment to quietly love them. If we can’t love them, let’s appreciate them. We can find even some small aspect about who they are that we honestly appreciate. It takes a minute or two before a meeting. With practice, we can do it […]

To Succeed Wildly

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We succeed because we believe we will. We succeed wildly when we truly believe we will succeed despite having little or no evidence, reason, or precedent for it. Spend less time trying to answer the question, “Yes, but, how will/could/would/might it happen?” Instead, increase your time imagining how wonderful it will be when you have […]