When You Want to Knock Heads About

We leaders spend a lot of time dealing with other people’s behaviors. But we can not blame them or use their behaviors to justify our reactions. Our reactions always only ours.

We can, however, choose to see our reactions as signals.  These–and all bad feelings–are signals that we are out of step with what the wiser parts of us know to be truer, better-feeling perspectives.

Since our reactions are the only thing we can ever control, we all are able to heed those signals. We then pause and listen for the that wiser part’s always more productive and efficient way of handling things.


In your corner,


PS: And don’t worry. All of us from time to time think, “But isn’t it faster and easier to just knock some heads about? Can’t I guilt, coerce, demand, or manipulate them into doing what’s needed?” No, that’s never faster or easier; it’s always less effective. We all know this and just need an occasional reminder.


Today’s photo credit: McBeth Marcus gets some sah-weet action with the ladies via photopin (license)

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