Is Everyone Rowing In The Same Direction?


Here’s an exercise: Ask everyone at work today, “Who are we? What does our organization do? For whom? Why do we do that?”

If your organization is like most, you will get as many answers as people you ask. And that’s quite a problem. A big part of the success of any organization is having a clear, compelling, and commonly understood goal.  In order to have everyone rowing in the same direction, they need to know what that direction is and why it’s important.


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PS: The organization’s goal includes descriptions of what we do for whom, why, and what we get out of it.

PPS: We do not mean for them to regurgitate verbatim the mission statement hanging on the wall of the break room. If everyone gets the general theme, they should be able to say it in their own words. And it’s okay to have variations on the theme. Each person’s unique impression of the theme adds richness and strength.

PPPS: The next question to ask everyone is, “How does or should your work contribute to and benefit from the work of this organization?”


Today’s photo credit: Philip Kraaijenbrink cc

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