Hope, Make, or Allow

You can hope that something will happen. And we all know that hope is not a strategy.

You can try to make something happen. It feels better to be doing something, doesn’t it? Yet sooner or later, forcing things results in stress, resistance, and frustration. (Don’t believe me? How did it feel the last time you tried to make someone do something or make something happen?)

Or you can allow something to happen. Ah, this one is tricky. You need to anticipate what you want with a quiet excitement. You need to see it in your mind’s eye, imagine what it will be like when it arrives, and appreciate the journey along the way. Tricky, for sure. But so much less effort and greater results.

Step one: decide what you want.

In your corner,



PS: You probably won’t win this week’s lottery by allowing because deep down you don’t believe such a windfall is really possible without luck (hope) or hard work (make). Start with something smaller–like finding open parking spots, shorter lines at the checkout, and friendlier encounters with co-workers. Then build up from there.


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