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Leading in Different Times #2: Reinforce Clarity

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This is the second in a series of Play notes about leading well during different times such as this one. “This not that. Here not there. And here’s why…” With daily distractions, project deadlines, and competing priorities, our teams can get unfocused. Add something like a global health challenge and they’ll likely get really scattered. […]

Don’t Look Back

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The sages tell us that all our power is in the present. Any time we spend regretting, blaming, or trying to figure out stuff in the past will more likely distract us than help us. Don’t worry about repeating mistakes. We’ve already learned what we could. Set it aside. The future’s calling.   In your […]

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Three to Four Things

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If we choose 3-4 projects to make significant progress on this week and if we, each day, choose 3-4 things to accomplish that day, we will have the focus we’ve been searching for. If we accomplish most of them, we’ll have the satisfaction we’ve been seeking, too. In your corner, Mike


Proper Use of Planning

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Planning fails when we use it to control the future. Seeking to control the future comes from a distrust or fear about it. And it can’t be done. Planning works when we use it to prepare for the future. Anticipating a desired future with quiet excitement and taking sensible preceding steps are great ways to […]


Why Bother with a Business Plan?

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What’s the value of a business plan? It’s not the plan.  All plans quickly become out of date from the moment we write them. No, the value is the act of planning and the concrete goal that we put into making a business plan. By setting a goal and planning how we’ll get there, we […]


The Three Planners

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There are three types of planners: the worrier, the fool, and the sage. Worriers plan out of fear of what could go wrong. Their plans can reduce risk…and reward. The opposite are the fools. They boast that everything will be fine. So they don’t plan. They may hit a home run occasionally…and they strike out […]