Let’s Not Fight the Low-Buzzers


There are people in our world who have chronically low buzzes. Some of them appear quite angry, vengeful, or out to cheat.

When we find ourselves entangled or in conflict with such low-buzz people, we may be tempted to give them a taste of their own medicine: anger, revenge, or other damage. (We may even stumble into thinking we are justified.)

Let’s not. Fighting fire with fire is a great way to start a conflagration. And it will sink our buzz just as low as theirs. Yuck. Really, we have little need to lawyer up (though honestly defending ourselves is fine), no reason to threaten, and no use for stooping to such a low buzz level.

Instead, let’s feel good, raise our buzz, and drop the rope. Let’s be the kind of people we dream of being. Then let’s bless them and have them simply fade out of our lives.


In your corner,


PS: Fighting has a weird way of holding close to us whatever we don’t want. (“What you resist, persists.”) And choosing not to fight leaves us with all sorts of energy to apply toward having more of what we do want.

Today’s photo credit: John Bennett cc

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