Give Yourself These Important Gifts 

Running around, overwhelmed, and (truth be told) only just keeping it together probably isn’t what we signed up for. But it is not necessary to be like this to be successful. We can be effective leaders (with or without title) and be mostly at ease.

Impossible, you say? But it is so!

We can become leaders at ease by giving ourselves the gifts of planning, presence, and persistence.

The gift of planning is dedicated daily and weekly time to gather all we could do and select what we will do. Instead of diving headlong and stressed into our days and weeks, we give ourselves the gift of clearing the decks and thinking through things.

The gift of presence is catching ourselves when we are regretting the past or worrying about the future and giving ourselves a deep breath and self-assurance that this will work out perfectly well.

The gift of persistence is simply committing to be this type of leader at ease. Here we give ourselves the discipline and focus we need to get good at planning and presence.

Yes; you have these gifts to give.


In your corner,


PS: Like the well-mannered people we are, we will of course gratefully accept these gifts we give ourselves.
Today’s photo credit: Lorenzo cc

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