Secret Doorway


Yeah, buts“, those habitual excuses we throw when we start to consider something that is scary–can stop us cold. Yet every “yeah, but” is a secret doorway to success.

“What?!” you ask. Yes, it’s true!

You open that doorway by acknowledging the need buried in every “yeah but.” Just flip a “yeah but” on its head so that it becomes a plain problem to solve.  Examples:

Yeah but: “I would love to buy that new car. Yeah, but, I could never afford it.”
Flipped need: “I need to find a way to afford that car.”

Yeah but: “It would be great to exceed our sales quotas for this quarter. Yeah, but, the market is so unpredictable.
Flipped need: “We need to create ways to exceed our sales quotas even though the markets are screwy.”

Yeah but: “I want the job of my dreams. Yeah, but, I don’t have the talent or experience for that job.”
Flipped need: “I need to find a job that engages my passions and uses the talents I have.”

Each “yeah, but” represents lack of possibility and something we resist even thinking about. Each flipped need is a solvable problem that we can get our heads around. Seemingly simple, this way of reframing is quite powerful. Give it a try.


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