Wrong Net

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If life is a game, then most of us are racking up points…on the wrong net. Even the most enlightened of us fixate on getting more money, recognition, and safety. We believe that we should maximize these so that we can–at last–have more happiness, freedom, and growth. “When I have this many dollars/this position/this situation, […]

The Wise Leaders’ Way to Sustained Happiness, Growth, and Freedom

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It’s not market share, innovation, or strategy. It’s not earning per share, EBITDA, or another round of funding. It’s also not left-wing, right-wing, or centrist policies. Though it sounds like Sunday school treacle, we wise leaders know the way to sustained happiness, growth, and freedom. It is to help others achieve sustained happiness, growth, and […]

Your Most Important Work

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The signs pointing the way to happiness (and success) at work and in life are right here, in plain sight. So why do we all seem to struggle? Though we all have seen these signs time and again (e.g. “do what you love,” “go for win-win,” or “set a compelling purpose”), we can only understand […]

Happiness Is…

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Despite what we may sometimes wish, happiness does not come from wiping out our problems. We can’t wipe them out. Like ocean waves, life is full of problems and solutions that never stop coming. We become unhappy when we see ourselves battered by these waves and needing to struggle for solutions. But we can change […]

This Statement

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You deserve and are perfectly equipped to live a fully happy, rich, and meaningful life. This is not a trite fortune cookie message. It is powerful perspective that many of us are missing and that all of us can adopt and realize. Despite what we may have heard, no one gets hurt if we believe […]

Joy Ride

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The sages tell us that we will never be done; we will always find something else to achieve, do, or improve. They also say that there’s no need to worry because everything will work out fine. What if we knew this was true? What if we were certain that we’d never be done and that […]

Paint a Picture

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Worry (or, more mildly, concern) binds us. It keeps us overly focused on avoiding what could go wrong. This limits the time and energy we need to have things go right. The antidote is simple: spend more time envisioning what we want. Try this: take just four minutes this morning to paint a picture in your mind […]

Flawless Us

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Maybe it’s a cultural vestige: we seem to believe deep down that everyone is flawed, broken, and even unworthy. We also seem to think that some of us are more broken than others. And the mistakes we make are evidence of these deep flaws. Yuck. We can imagine a time when holding on to these ideas seemed […]



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Most of us live our lives trying to make the world behave as we think it should. We think, “That person or this situation changing is what will make me happy.” Without thinking about it, we have given away happiness now for a form of happiness that may never arrive. We have set conditions on […]