What Vigilance Leads to Success


How are you feeling?

Our sense of well-being, of feeling good is critical to our success. When we feel bad, the solutions we most need escape us. Our own habits of thought (and subsequent habits of behavior) plus the evidence we see all around us encourage us to struggle, to focus on what’s wrong, and then to do more and more in an attempt to feel better. When, instead, we first choose to feel good–despite the habits and evidence–then act on whatever is best at the moment, the struggle melts away and success becomes simple.

Because all that habit and evidence make it is so easy to slip into struggle, let’s adopt a vigilance toward feeling good. Let’s insist that we catch ourselves feeling down. (We will feel it in our bodies first, before we can describe what we are thinking or why.) Let’s insist that we use whatever methods (and here) we can to feel good before we act.

And let’s insist we keep insisting, even when we have forgotten and fallen back into struggle.


In your corner,


PS: Let’s start today. Instead of diving into the rest of our inboxes and wondering how we’re going to get is all done, let’s pause to feel good. We can find something to appreciate, flip a negative thought, or take three deep breaths. Whatever works. Then we can return to our regularly scheduled work and pick the best thing to be working on now. Ahhh. The sweet feeling of success.


Today’s photo credit: Joanne Goldby cc

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