Email Etiquette Rule #2

Email remains a vital business tool. And, for many reasons, it is one we love to hate. If we all follow a few etiquette rules, email can become much more useful and much less painful.

Here is Email Etiquette Rule #2:

No “See below”

When forwarding an email or email stream with perhaps a comment or two and the dreaded “See below”, we are wasting our readers’ time. They have to plow through pages of often repeated, out-of-sequence emails and try to piece together what it all means and what they are supposed to do with it. Many won’t even bother.

To forward an email well, take a moment to describe what is important in the forwarded email, why it matters to the reader, and what you recommend or request that they do with it.

This small investment paid ‘forward’ 😀 will help keep email safe and productive for all.


In your corner,


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