Overwhelm is a Sign
Overwhelm is a Sign

Overwhelm is a Sign

Overwhelm is a sign that we are trying to keep track of our tasks in our head. Though our brains are wonderful, they are terrible at tracking more than a handful of things.

To relieve our brains of this burden, we write down every possible* task or project in a task storage facility. Whether it’s something near-term or for far in the future, we write down anything we could, should, or want to do as we think of it. We keep all these items organized such that, whenever we look, we can quickly select the most compelling next thing to work on**.

To build such a tasks storage facility, try the Barebones Edition for starters.


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* We can safely ignore things we already do regularly. If we already have a solid exercise habit or we always handle grocery shopping on Saturdays, say, then we need not track related tasks.

** If our task storage facility is poorly set up, we will stop using it and return to the overwhelm of trying to keep things in our heads.


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