We Get What We Expect

Maybe this sounds silly, trite, or just plain wrong. Yet we see daily reminders of how reality generally matches what we expect. […]

We Needn’t

Assuming we know the outcomes we want to see, there are two ways we can approach any given situation. We can worry […]

doggie dog

Expect More

We all always get the level of success we expect. Want more? Expect more.   In your corner, Mike PS: Rien de […]


Inevitable Fruit

One way to succeed is to act as if we have already achieved the essence of whatever it is we wanted. For example, we […]

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How To Expect Them To Do Well

In yesterday’s note, we saw how our beliefs about people’s capabilities affect their performance. Regardless of how much we may want them to […]


What Do You Expect?

We can live life and lead others as if we are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Anticipating that something bad […]


Expect It to Go Well

If we expect that meeting or this interaction to go poorly, it will. If we are even concerned a bit, our results […]