We Get What We Expect

Maybe this sounds silly, trite, or just plain wrong. Yet we see daily reminders of how reality generally matches what we expect. A quick look back at our thoughts and beliefs about a subject shows that they match current results.

If we agree that we get what we expect, why don’t we simply choose to expect more things to work out, more good results, more fun and profit?

Because it hasn’t always worked out. We have told ourselves things like, “I expect to get that promotion, make that sale, or get that grade.” And we have been disappointed.

But if we look closely, we’ll see what’s really going on. Though we had said we expected something positive, we were really focused on something opposite. Though, for example, we might be saying, ” I am going to land that job,” we often believe deep down that we won’t. We can’t expect to paste over our negative thinking and get what we want. We can tell we are pasting over because it feels bad.

The trick, then, is to find any way to raise our buzz and feel good about our expectations.

Then, yes, we can one again start expecting all sorts of good things to happen


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Today’s photo credit: PMillera4 Binoculars via photopin (license)

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