Not That Kind of Perseverance


One secret to success in influence and sales is perseverance. Mind you, it’s not the dog-on-a-bone kind of perseverance.

Influence and sales come with perseverance of thought, not of hard work. They come from the faith that it will work, that you have something of high value, that there are good people out there (and here, in your organization) who need what you have, and that win-win wins.


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PS: And we persevere in knowing that those people, like you, are smart, cool, caring, good looking, and well respected.

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2 thoughts on “Not That Kind of Perseverance

  1. I think that one of the biggest obstacles to perseverance is impatience. Sometimes success is like making a cup of tea – it takes a little effort and some time to brew before its ready. All to often we want our cup of tea but are only willing to invest the time required to pour a coffee.

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