Sleepless Nights


When we wake up in the middle of the night worrying, when our chests are tight, guts are in a knot, or fists are clenched, when what we need to have happen fails (yet again) to happen, our buzz is low and we are focusing on the wrong things.  We are focusing on the details of who, how, and when.

Despite what we’ve been taught, we have no control over the who, how, and when. Any planning and actions we do while focused here will backfire or face undue resistance.

Here’s what we do have control over: the what, the why, and our level of buzz. What are the desired end results? Why are these compelling? And what thought can we think now that feels better than this?

Let’s focus on the what, why, and buzz then act as inspired to act. The who, how, and when will take care of themselves.

Sleep tight.


In your corner,


PS: This is the sort of leader they need us to be. You know?


Today’s photo credit: glasseyes view cc

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