Choose Wisely, Leader

Everywhere we look, there are tumultuous events on the surface and a calmer, wiser, stronger force sitting quietly behind the hoopla. We see it in people, companies, and entire populations. 

As this article describes, no matter how horrible it looks on the surface, we gain hope and power by tapping the wiser, quieter parts.

Choosing which you focus on, dear Leader, is one of your key responsibilities. We follow you either into the tumult or into power, wisdom, and productivity.

In your corner,


PS This is not to say we should ignore the tumult. We go beyond it, go deeper, to find the solutions. We will know we are getting there because we will feel better, others will feel better, and we will be using words like possibility, connection, opportunity, productivity, and love.

Photo by Ashish Thakur on Unsplash