Effectiveness Habits: Quick Success Story

For a bit of encouragement on your work with the Effectiveness Habits, let me share a quick success story.

My friend and client, Moe, recently told me that his work with the Habits has improved his golf swing! “Because I’m now getting everything out of my head (Habit #1), I have fewer things distracting me and my swing.” Congratulations!

What about you? What have been your successes using the Habits? And if you haven’t any successes yet, what would you like them to be? (Leave your answers in the comments below.)


To your continued success,


3 thoughts on “Effectiveness Habits: Quick Success Story

  1. Mike
    I’m experiementing with a list system using post its. It is very manual, but removes the requirement to rewrite things. Also, I take tremendous pleasure in moving the post it to my completed section.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Yes! There’s something absolutely magical about crossing something off or moving it to the completed pile. Congrats on the new system. What are you using to contain the post-its?


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