You Don’t Need to Know How

A client and friend of mine tends to get good parking spots at the busiest times. At the crowded supermarket, at a busy restaurant, and while holiday shopping–midday, on the weekend–at the mall,  she finds spots right up front. No hovering or stalking people returning to their cars. She just pulls in.

How does she do it? Well, she doesn’t do much. She says to herself, “A good spot will be there for me. I do not need to know how.” She knows she is going to get a good parking spot and does.

In contrast, we normally worry, get angry, and struggle to find a parking spot.

We also struggle to grow our businesses, get a new job, raise our kids, complete a project, find a mate, and cure a medical problem. Wherever we struggle, the underlying assumptions are that the situation is bad, we are somehow “less than,” we must figure it out, and we must work hard.

My friend gets the good parking spots, in part, because she is neither distracted by the struggling nor blinded by the assumptions to see the spot opening in the front row of the parking lot.

We can absolutely adopt my friend’s approach for all the things we might want to improve. We can cultivate a sense of knowing that it will work out while letting go of the need to figure out how.

Tomorrow we’ll explore some good ways to get started.


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