Do Less


We often believe that the reason to get organized is so that we can do more. This is a huge source of distraction and frustration. Use your Effectiveness System to do less.

Your system helps you see, at a glance, everything that you might do. Based on where you are and how much time and energy you have, you will spot then choose the exact best thing to do next and then do it. Choosing is freedom and it feels great. With every choice, you simultaneously choose not to do any of the other stuff. Your choice will naturally, effortlessly balance your priorities.

Without our Effectiveness System and this ability to choose the best next thing to do, we can only navigate by urgency, routine, or interruption. Yelch.


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PS: Maybe you just said, “Urgency, routine, and interruption? That pretty much describes my day!” If so, it may be time to revisit your Effectiveness System and the habits that make it run.


Today’s photo credit: Nanagyei via photopin cc



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