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  • Is Work a Drain?

    Is Work a Drain?

    If work is a drain, then we are not working in our SweetSpot. That is, we are not using our talents, not engaging our motivators, not getting our needs met, and/or not serving others. When we work in our SweetSpot, we have all the energy we need.   In your corner, Mike

  • Our Power and Purpose

    Our Power and Purpose

    ​[W]e are torn this way and that. Social and business pressures push us, and we go along, but the spark within is hard to extinguish, and even as we hurry to conform we may pause to wonder if this is all there is to life, and we glance uneasily over our shoulders (once a week…

  • How To Say No To Emails, Meetings, Etc.

    How To Say No To Emails, Meetings, Etc.

    It’s hard to say no to all the emails, meetings, interruptions, and other demands on our time. It is hard, that is, until we commit to something bigger, better, and more important to say yes to. Yes. It’s that simple.   In your corner, Mike PS: Easy? Nope. Simple? Yes. Doable? By you!? Of course.…

  • Following the Script Too Closely

    Following the Script Too Closely

    [There’s a video bonus with today’s Note. See the PS. -m.e.] “You’re good at {insert school topic here}, you should be a {insert some well-admired job here}.” “This is the typical career path in this industry.” “That’s how everybody does it? Oh. Okay.” “To pursue my dream I have to take a serious pay cut.” If we…

  • The Best Way to Land a Job These Days

    The Best Way to Land a Job These Days

    Job boards, applications, resumes. Oh. My. Stories from the front lines tell us that the traditional way of finding a job is pretty well broken. The best way to land a job today is to a) become a “killer candidate” and b) grow our network until it includes our next employer. Growing our network is how we…

  • Chasing Career Specters

    Chasing Career Specters

    In every industry or profession there is a mythical,  ideal character we feel compelled to emulate. If we want to get a good job, get ahead, and be seen as on top or at least  acceptable, we twist ourselves to think and act as they do. But this ideal doesn’t exist. She/he/it is a loosely defined…

  • How to Make Your Business or Career Soar

    How to Make Your Business or Career Soar

    Most of us do not give our hearts to anything. – J. Krishnamurti We all will continue to struggle in our businesses and careers until we give our good hearts to the things we love. The only things that prevent us from giving out hearts are the “yeah but” thoughts that come up about money,…

  • But What Should I Commit To?

    But What Should I Commit To?

    “Ah,” you say. “I would love to commit but I haven’t a clue what I should commit to.” It turns out that this is also simple. Go with what makes you leap for joy. Pick anything (and there are several things that will work for you) that makes your heart sing, that demands your talents,…

  • How You Fit

    How You Fit

    I don’t know what is the ideal life- and work path for you. But I do know it will use and refine your talents. It will engage you in things you care about. It will leave behind struggle, frustration, fighting, compromise, and sacrifice. And, by providing something of value to some other people, it will…

  • Why Not Me?

    Why Not Me?

    That it has never been done before, that it is too big or small, or that we may stumble at first are no good reasons for us to say, “Who am I to create this now?” All of us benefit when you get into your SweetSpot and do your good work. Go for it, please.…