When Everything is a Priority

Everything is a priority?

Have you ever had a boss or client pepper you with work and tell you every bit is urgent, important, and a priority? When everything is a priority, you will likely fail or go nutty trying not to fail.

Regain your sanity by clarifying three things:

  1. Your boss’s or client’s overall goals,
  2. Your role and the roles of any of your team members in light of those goals, and
  3. How any new requests from your boss or client serve or detract from her goals.

Clarify goals or roles with three to five prioritized statements that answer the questions, “What, in the end, are you (we) hoping to accomplish? How will we know you (we) have?” Get buy in from your boss or client on your understanding of their goals. Clarify the relevance of new work requests with respectful application of the “Yes, and…” tool.


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Today’s photo credit: ruminatrix via photopin cc

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