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  • This is Success

    This is Success

    What does it mean to be successful? Most of us don’t really know. We kindasorta think it is about ticking certain boxes. We don’t know who set them out to be ticked or exactly which boxes we should tick. But we suspect they have something to do with having money, position, smarts, strength, safety, beauty, […]

  • Fall in Love with Your Vision

    Fall in Love with Your Vision

    So used to expecting things not to work out, we limit our vision of what think we or our businesses can achieve. Or, perhaps, we allow our vision to be swamped by “yeah buts” (thoughts of fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry, anger, regret, or guilt). Damn. What if, instead, we loved our vision? Imagine what would…

  • The Wise Leaders’ Way to Sustained Happiness, Growth, and Freedom

    The Wise Leaders’ Way to Sustained Happiness, Growth, and Freedom

    It’s not market share, innovation, or strategy. It’s not earning per share, EBITDA, or another round of funding. It’s also not left-wing, right-wing, or centrist policies. Though it sounds like Sunday school treacle, we wise leaders know the way to sustained happiness, growth, and freedom. It is to help others achieve sustained happiness, growth, and…

  • Your Most Important Work

    Your Most Important Work

    The signs pointing the way to happiness (and success) at work and in life are right here, in plain sight. So why do we all seem to struggle? Though we all have seen these signs time and again (e.g. “do what you love,” “go for win-win,” or “set a compelling purpose”), we can only understand…

  • That Successful 

    That Successful 

    Measuring up, beating the other guy, and doing what we’re supposed to do are sad substitutes for success. What really gets us there are creativity, win-win, and doing what we are. Our world desperately needs you to be that successful.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: lisadonoghue(away) cc

  • Are You Tapping the Fear or the Spark?

    Are You Tapping the Fear or the Spark?

    There is a fear within each of us. Tap it and you’ll get hurried, harried, and short-lived results. Further attempts to mine this source become ever more costly, unpredictable, and ultimately doomed. There is a spark within each of us. Tap it and you’ll get long-lasting, wonderful results. Of course, mining sparks is not a…

  • The Greatest Source of Failure

    The Greatest Source of Failure

    The greatest source of failure is not a lack of talent, capital, or ideas. And it’s not politics or the lack of opportunities. The source is the bad-feeling, low-buzz, and usually habitual thoughts we have about the world and ourselves in the world. To succeed more, we need first to catch ourselves feeling bad. This…

  • Complex Brew

    Complex Brew

    Our businesses are complex brews of people, product, and process. Yet there are only four points of failure, ultimately, in any venture. They are 1) the lack of a clear, compelling, and commonly-comprehended goal, 2) the lack of a clear win for any and all involved, 3) poor systems for getting the right stuff done…

  • What is The Secret of Successful People?

    What is The Secret of Successful People?

    What is the secret of successful people? They succeed by making other people successful. They understand and live by “win-win.” We cannot and will not be successful for very long if any of the people who matter to us are not winning, too. Our freedom, happiness, and growth demand other people’s freedom, happiness, and growth.   In your…

  • Has Something Gone Wrong?

    Has Something Gone Wrong?

    It’s easy think that something has gone wrong. Given all the horrible news we hear every day, we’d be forgiven for believing that the rules of the game have changed for the worse. But, no. I checked. The Golden Rule, with all of its benefits, is still very much in force. Going for win-win-or-let’s-not-play is still…