You are Not Your Thoughts or Emotions.

Tools like The Flip, The Ladder, and Tell Yourself a Different Lie help you “change your mind for better results.” When you shift habits of thought that no longer serve you, you succeed faster.

Yet often we avoid this introspection. We hold on to some habits of  thought, beliefs, emotions even if they have stopped working for us. Why? Because we think we are our thoughts and emotions.

Example: “I am a poor sports player” is a belief I’ve held onto for my whole life. Even though it’s just a thought, it’s sticky because the thought seems to be part of my identity. And I’m afraid of losing who I am–even wondering if I’d survive– if I were to give up believing it.

The good news is that releasing old thoughts or beliefs does NOT cause you to diminish or disappear. When you release an old thought or belief about yourself, you evolve. And you don’t need to release every belief or thought at once. Take it one thought or belief at a time and only as needed. And you’ll know it’s needed whenever you get tired of the struggle over it.

After you release a thought or belief, you get to fill the “empty space” with thought of your choosing (e.g. “I am good at sports.”).

So who would you like to be?

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