Which Would You Rather?

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Which would you rather have: a book of formulas for success or the insight to let you shortcut the formulas? Yeah, me too.   In your corner, Mike PS: That’s why these notes are lighter on technique and heavier on the broader perspectives.   Today’s photo credit: fs999 White Beauty via photopin (license)

‘ext Before ‘ent, Please

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For the sake of speed at work and home, we tend to concentrate on content: who’s doing what and how & when they are doing it. But, oh wow, does this generate resistance! People will actively or passively fight over these details. They fight mostly because they have no ways or means to agree. Our […]

Certain Change Leaders

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Some leaders are comfortable with and even thrive in uncertainty and change. We see them being strategic, inspirational, and courageous. They help us find our next best markets, positioning, and offers. Their blind spot is getting to the end zone before everyone else and wondering why no one has followed them. Other leaders demand certainty and resist […]

The Essence of Good Strategy

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Good strategy requires clarity about the present, clarity about the future, and a good dose of ignorance about the past.   In your corner, Mike PS: We only have to ask, “What is true now? What do we want to be true and why?” PPS: We capture the past with the present: everything important from the past is […]

How To Say No To Emails, Meetings, Etc.

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It’s hard to say no to all the emails, meetings, interruptions, and other demands on our time. It is hard, that is, until we commit to something bigger, better, and more important to say yes to. Yes. It’s that simple.   In your corner, Mike PS: Easy? Nope. Simple? Yes. Doable? By you!? Of course. […]