How to Avoid All The Awful When Networking

A networking event, symposium, or conference can be both wonderful and dreadful. Wonderful for the information, connections, and camaraderie. Dreadful for the small talk, the networking leeches, and the difficulty making a connection with the one person you had hoped to meet. Of course, such events are even worse if we are cautious, awkward, or introverted.

The solution? A wingman.

Buddy up with a like-minded colleague. Each of you can set your own objectives to meet so many people or just certain people, learn about some new trend or company, and sample the fine finger foods. You may agree to split up but come to each other’s rescue, when needed. Or you can stay together. Either way, you help each other get the benefits of networking without the awful bits.


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Today’s photo credit: Kevin Dooley cc

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