Even a Little Stuck on Yuck?


You know that mental or emotional tension we all–to some extent–seem to carry around? It’s like a base level of blah. It may come and go. It may be subtle or intense. We nonetheless can catch ourselves feeling it somewhere in our bodies.

Despite how familiar it is, it’s not actually supposed to be a constant part of our lives. That feeling is only an indicator. When we feel bad, this physical feeling is warning us that we are focusing on and heading toward something we don’t want. Our job is to then move toward more of what we want.

Yet, without intending to, we maintain a focus on bad feeling, unwanted stuff and get our indicators stuck on yuck.

When we focus on and move toward something we want, this indicator shuts off and another, good feeling one turns on. Looking around, now or whenever, we can see that there are so many things that we want and that feel good.

Why would we keep focusing on the unwanted? Probably just a habit. And we can replace that habit. We can carry around a feeling of being light, playful, growing, happy, and free. We start by raising our buzz.


In your corner,


PS:  Some of us hold that tension in our guts, chests, or shoulders. Some of us hold it in our heads, necks, legs, or arms. It will be a mild to intense physical feeling of tightness, pain, hollowness, exhaustion, or weight. For years, I walked around with my right shoulder two or three inches higher than my left one. Sheesh!


Today’s photo credit: Benoit Dupont cc

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