It seems so easy to oppose. When we encounter a situation we don’t like, we just say no and we’re done.

The problem is that opposition is a terrible waste. Opposition pushes against and invites–or often causes–others to push back. Nothing much happens despite the effort. Even more energy is lost in the heat of the resulting frustration. Everybody loses.

The alternative to opposition is to uplift. When we encounter something we don’t like, let’s invest time and energy in the people advocating for it. They need something. Let’s seek to understand what it is, to have them understand what we need, and to negotiate a way we both can win.

If this alternative looks like too much work, remember the payoffs: progress, speed, partnership, and the energy gained from the good feelings all around. Everybody wins.


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PS: Though I’ve seen it work in even the most contentious situations, win-win may not always be possible. Of course, we can’t know that an uplifting win-win isn’t possible if we don’t first commit to it and give it a go.

PPS: Yes, even politicians can uplift vs. oppose.


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